Besides recording, mixing and mastering, our offer includes every other step and/or variant of music production. If you want to produce and record your album (or parts of it) yourself, for example, we can help you plan and realize the project, offering general support along the way. We are mobile and can meet you at your rehearsal space, for example, to discuss/plan the details around recording and production. We can offer advice on how to achieve the best possible results at every step of the way and are happy to help you put them into practice. Generally speaking, the most essential thing is to keep track and take the right steps from the start to ensure you get the best possible results. After years in the business and hundreds of releases, we have gathered a wealth of experience that allows us to accompany your production effectively and comprehensively.
With regard to production, our offer includes sound design for websites and TV/movie productions; dubbing videos and movies; creating beats/playbacks; re-amping guitar tracks; and editing and/or restoring audio files. We are happy to accommodate individual requests; if you have a specific inquiry, contact us so that we can discuss how to realize your project.

Finally, let’s talk about live session videos. If you are looking for an “official” location to shoot the video for your new song, we’ve got your back. And that includes if you plan on actually playing and recording the song live (as a live studio version) during the video shoot. We offer a wide range of options and are happy to discuss the solution that’s right for you.

Production features

• Planning, assisting and conducting the recording/production of your albums or songs (including outside our studios)
• Creating beats/playback for your lyrics
• Sound design for websites, TV and movies
• Recording audio books and text for professional videos
• Dubbing TV and movie productions
• Re-amping guitar tracks
• Editing (e.g., intonation) vocal and instrumental tracks
• Correcting and restoring recordings of all kind


- 2 x ADK S-51
- AKG D112
- AKG C1000S MK I
- Audio Technica 4050 AT
- Beyerdynamic Opus 51
- 4 x Beyerdynamic Opus 87
- 2 x Electro Voice DS35
- HeilSound PR-30
- MXL V67
- 2 x Neumann KM184
- Peavey PVM520i
- Revox M3500
- Sennheiser e906
- Sennheiser MD211
- 3 x Sennheiser MD421
- Sennheiser MD441 U
- Sennheiser ME66
- Shure Beta 56
- Shure Beta 57
- Shure Beta 91a
- 2 x Shure KSM32
- Shure KSM 109
- 2 x Shure SM57
- Shure SM58
- Shure SM7B
- Superlux CM-H8G

- Audient ASP008
- 2 x DISA 91B22
- Focusrite ISA828
- Golden Age Project PRE573
- Neve 1073LB
- 2 x RFZ 740/1c
- 2 x Siemens v276
- Sound Skulptor MP5.12 (API 512 Clone)

Computer / Interface:
- Mac Pro 3.3GHz 12-Core
- Universal Audio Apollo 16

For listening:
- Klein + Hummel O300D + O800 Subwoofer
- Yamaha NS 10

DAW / Software:
- Cubase
- Wavelab
- Reaper



Phone: +49-(0)234-53034941
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