Solo and band recordings of all kinds and instrumentation in two acoustically optimized recording studios. For music, sounds, vocals and spoken word recordings.

Besides our control room, our studios are divided into three recording environments. Their different styles and sizes allow us to create multifaceted sounds and offer the perfect acoustics for each.  With exterior walls that are two meters thick (high-rise bunker), the building guarantees absolute quiet at all times, providing the necessary creative space to record vocals; drums/percussion; guitars/bass; wind and string instruments; as well as any other instrument imaginable.

For vocals and spoken word recordings, we can use partition walls to section off a specific part of the main recording room to create a shorter delay and capture less reflections from the room; this makes the recording sound more direct.  In general, flexible partition walls and curtains can dramatically change the acoustics in the recording studio (something that is usually hard to impossible to achieve when recording at home or in a rehearsal space). When recording drums, for example, it makes sense to use as few curtains as possible to obtain more reflections off the walls, as this makes the room seem more alive and altogether larger.

In addition, the floor of our larger recording room has been divided into two parts that are separated acoustically. This prevents the occurrence of structure-borne sound between the two halves of the room and allows us to record entire bands and/or several musicians playing live at the same time. We have installed precise sound absorbers and diffusers on the walls and ceiling to suppress flutter echoes – a must for excellent ambient sound!

When it comes to equipment, we also offer the very best: high-quality microphones and cables for recording as well as a selection of state-of-the-art pre-amps, ranging from recent models to vintage tube preamps used in radio broadcasting, to guarantee the most accurate reproduction of your instrument’s timbre. Our analog/digital converters that send signals to the computer are unparalleled and of the highest quality.

Recording features

• Aufnahme von Musik, Geräuschen oder Instrumenten jeglicher Art
• Einzelaufnahmen bzw. komplette Chor- oder Bandaufnahmen
• Aufnahme von Hörbüchern oder Texten für professionelle Videos
• Nachvertonung für Film/Fernsehen
• Re-Amping von Gitarren
• Nachbearbeitung (u.a. der Intonation) von Gesangs- oder Instrumentenspuren
• Korrektur und Restauration/Renovierung jeglicher Art von Aufnahmen


- 2 x ADK S-51
- AKG D112
- AKG C1000S MK I
- Audio Technica 4050 AT
- Beyerdynamic Opus 51
- 4 x Beyerdynamic Opus 87
- 2 x Electro Voice DS35
- HeilSound PR-30
- MXL V67
- 2 x Neumann KM184
- Peavey PVM520i
- Revox M3500
- Sennheiser e906
- Sennheiser MD211
- 3 x Sennheiser MD421
- Sennheiser MD441 U
- Sennheiser ME66
- Shure Beta 56
- Shure Beta 57
- Shure Beta 91a
- 2 x Shure KSM32
- Shure KSM 109
- 2 x Shure SM57
- Shure SM58
- Shure SM7B
- Superlux CM-H8G

- Audient ASP008
- 2 x DISA 91B22
- Focusrite ISA828
- Golden Age Project PRE573
- Neve 1073LB
- 2 x RFZ 740/1c
- 2 x Siemens v276
- Sound Skulptor MP5.12 (API 512 Clone)

Computer / Interface:
- Mac Pro 3.3GHz 12-Core
- Universal Audio Apollo 16

For listening:
- Klein + Hummel O300D + O800 Subwoofer
- Yamaha NS 10

DAW / Software:
- Cubase
- Wavelab
- Reaper



Phone: +49-(0)234-53034941
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